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Temple layout details...

Thirunilai Periyandavar Temple is located in a serene atmosphere in between two tanks in a open court yard facing east. At the entrance to the temple, Lord vinayakar is seen on the left side of the entrance and Lord Muruga on the right side of the entrance

Lord Shiva who incarnated as a human being and then stationed at this village Thirunilai is giving dharshan to His devotees as Periyandavar in a Swayumbu Ligan form. To the left of the Swayambu Lingam, a stucco image of Lord Parameshwaran can be seen. Goddess Parvathi in the stucco image form as Akilandeswari can be seen next to Lord Parameswaran.

Angala Parameswari

Devi Angalaparameshwari is the goddess of this temple. She is fondly called 'Thirunilai Nayagi' by the villagers. Goddess with Lord Periyandavar, in sitting posture gives darshan in the eastern direction. This is a rare thirukkolam of Angalaparameshwari, which we cannot easily see in other temples. She fullfills all the prayers of devotees. She cures all chronic diseases. She is beautifully decorated during all poojas and festivals.Especially during Amavasai and Full moon poojas, special abisekams are performed to Her also, as to, Lord Periyandavar. Special homams are done in all festivals to Annai.

Other deities

Dakshinamurthy is given dharshan on the southern side of the temple and Bhairavar is given dharshan on the north side of the templs and He is facing east. The foot prints of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi is rare sight to be seen in this temple


The rare sight of 21 Sivaganams in a rectangular format around the Swayambu Lingam can only be seen at this temple. When Lord Shiva was wandering the earth in human form, Nandi also took to human form and worshipped Shiva at this temple. Nandhi in Human form can be seen here.

Siddhaamirtha Theertham

The temple pond is called 'Siddhamirdha kulam'. It is a very big pond and is situated in the northern side of the temple. 'Siddhamirtha' consists of two words - "siddha and amirdha". It cleans all our sins and diseases. This is the meaning of the word 'Siddhamirdha',the villagers say. It is believed that after coming to 'boologam', Lord Siva took a holy dip in this pond. The villagers took drinking water only from this pond for many years. Though now people do not use this pond for drinking purpose, it is considered very sacred and holy