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To know more about pooja details and how to perform the poojas in this temple kindly see.

Pooja details in Tamil
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Glory of Periyandavar Temple

  • This is the Sthalam where the grace of both Sivan and Sakthi is unified
  • As per the Puranam of Periyandavar, once Lord Siva was wandering in the earth because of Sakthi's curse. Finally Siva settled in this place which is now called as Thirunilai.
  • Lord Siva took Human birth without mother's womb and came to earth. Parvathi Devi worshipped Siva at that time in this sthalam where Lord Siva is known as Periyandavar
  • Lord Siva's foot touched this sthalam
  • Progeny blessing temple
  • Before many hundred years in Kaliyuga, only in Thirunilai Lord Siva gave dharshan in light form.
  • Suyambu Lingam came into existence in the place where Siva gave dharshan in light form. Lingam is known in the name of Lord Periyandavar
  • Both Siva and Sakthi are rendering their Rule of Grace by the side of this Suyambu Lingam.
  • Parvathi Devi is called Thirunilai Nayagi at this place
  • When Sakthi's soolayudham fell on earth, 21 sand rounds came out and later they took the form of SIVAGANAMS
  • Sivaganams perform pooja to Lord Siva at this sthalam
  • Thirunilai temple is beautifully located between a pond and a lake in the natural atmosphere

Location of the temple

Periyandavar temple is located at about 8 kms. from Thirukkazhukundram in Chengleput Taluk, Kancheepuram district. Thirunilai village, where this temple is located, is about 14 kms to the east from Chengleput and 12 kms to the west from Thiruporur. Direct town buses - Route Nos. T11 and T75 and also Saraswathi Mini Bus - are available to Thiruunilai village from Chengleput.

Route Map to Periyandavar temple