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History of the Temple...

Kanchipuram district, a part of historical Thondamandalam, has a number of ancient temples. Arulmigu Vedapureeswarar temple, situated at Thirukalukundram near Chengalpattu, is one of the most famous Siva temples. Many places near Thirukalukundram have interesting background. One among them is Thirunilai. It is a small village situated at a distance of nearly 7 k.m, north west of Thirukalukundram.

Sri Periyandavar temple is beautifully built n this holy village known as Thirunilai. Though it is more than 300 years old, only recently a temple was constructed with the help and contribution of many pious people and devotees. The tThirunilai Periyanadavar temple is located by the side of the village lake. The temple is very attractive and fascinating in the open air and amidst the natural atmosphere. The temple lies away from the commotion of the city in the silent and pretty village. It is located in the middle of paddy-fields, a lake and a small hill.

It is well maintained with the support and the co-operation of village people and devotees. Everybody can go at anytime and can have peaceful the Darsan of the Lord.

The puranam and background of this temple is very interesting and meaningful. Once Lord Siva incarnated as a Human-being because of Goddess Parvathi Devi's curse. He was roaming throughout the earth. He could not stay anywhere. He was wandering everywhere in all directions without any stable mind. As Lord Siva lost His balanced state of mind because of Sakthi's curse, the whole world sank in chaos and confusion. The operation and movement of the universe were also affected. So the universe threw out of order. At last, Lord Siva came to a place where His Soolayudham fell on ground. There Siva took shelter and stayed permanently. That place is called Thirunilai. It is named after His holy dwelling in that place. Thirunilai in tamil means, taking place or shelter eternally and permanently. This puranic incident is depicted in the temple with twenty one Sivaganams. It is believed that Lord Siva, after incarnating as a man, came to earth and took shelter only in Thirunilai first. In memory of this incident, the ancestors of this village built a temple dedicating it to Periyandavar who is the incarnation of Lord Siva.

For many years only a Suyambu Lingam was here in the open ground. Recently the villagers and the pious people and devotees took a great effort to construct a temple. It fetched good result and thus a beautiful and an unique temple came here.

Devi Angalaparameshwari is also blessing along with Periyandavar.She is the goddess of this temple. The presiding deity is Lord Periyandavar, in Suyambu Lingam. The very unique feature of this temple is 'Nandi Devar' in 'standing posture'. Nowhere we can see this 'thirukkolam' of Nandi Devar. Mahasivarathiri,Full moon pooja,Pradhosam and many other festivals are performed here with full perfection. During full moon (Pournami) and Amavasai, milk abisekam in 18 pots is performed to Sri Periyandavar and Devi Angalaparameshwari. Suyambu Lingam in the middle of twenty one Sivaganams in the open ground is a sacred view, which all devotees can notice here.During every religious worship, pooja and festival, 'annadhanam' is given to all devotees coming to the temple.

The villagers say that many Sages stayed here and worshipped Periyandavar and got His abundant blessings. Lord Periyandavar and Devi Angalaparameshwari are known for Their limitless blessings to childless couples. They regularly come to this temple and offer prayers here. Within a short period of time, their wish is fullfilled and they are blessed with child. So, nowadays, knowing this kindness of Periyandavar, childless couples visit this temple in large numbers to get their longings become true

After taking a holy dip in the temple pond, Siddhamirdhakulam, they have to perform poojas and abisekams in their own hands. Atleast for six weeks they have to continuously perform poojas in this manner. Afterwards to their surprise and wonder,they get a miraculous result; Lord Periyandavar and Goddess Angalaparameshwari bless them with children. Their dreams and long-pending longings become true and they become progeny blessed. In other words we can say Lord Periyandavar is the progeny blessing god to each and every childless couple who whole-heartedly believe and worship Him.In the same way, when we offer our prayers at the sacred feet of Him, we can see all our worries get vanished within a short span of time.

Therefore let us all visit Thirunilai and get His abundant blessings to lead a happy and peaceful life on earth. Now this temple is being expanded and the construction of front mandapamis undertaken.For this purpose, generous donations are welcomed from devotees and general public. Anybody willing to join hands in this holy task of this temple's expansion can contact

Mr G.Egaseelan, Temple Trustee, Cell Phone No. 98427 40957